JHGC - James H. Gordon - Consultants

    Since 1974, James H. Gordon Consultants has been engineering
    hardware and software for a wide range of control, communications
    and instrumentation projects.

    Our skill set includes, but is not limited to:
            - Analog hardware design
            - Digital hardware design
            - C, C#, Assembly, VHDL
            - Programmable logic devices
            - PCB design

    We would be honored to speak with you about your engineering needs today.


Project History

Here's a partial list of our accomplishments:

Platinum Control Technologies - Burner Management System
Philips Lighting - Wireless API for TI CC1101 radio
Bell Helicopter - ARH/70A Multi-Function Controller
Lightolier - Control Panel using CapSense Buttons
ViewCast - Display System Software
Bell Helicopter - Mission Computer Conceptual Design
LinxData - Windows CE Terminal
GG&B Gram - Stain automation Unit
Family Fun Center - Laser Tag Rifle
Hathaway Process Instrumentation - Process Scanner
Lennox Environmental - Set-point and Control Unit
Fujitsu Digital - CDMA Cellular Phone
Diamond Control System - Petroleum Access Unit
Seimens - Digital Phone Hands Free Car Kit
Permian Electronics - Petroleum Well Motor Controller
STB Graphics - Un-interruptable Power Supply
Danom Electronics - Hematology Blood Anallyzer
Steven F. Austin - Student Credit Card System(Unix based)



Contact Information

    James H. Gordon Consultants
    P.O. Box 10400
    River Oaks, Texas 76114

    Ph: 817.265.4038

    E-mail: jhgc@att.net




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                    JHGC - James H. Gordon - Consultants


JHGC - James H. Gordon - Consultants